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IWWAGE along with the Feminist Policy Collective (FPC), hosted a panel discussion on Violence and the Political Economy of Work at Indian Association of Women’s Studies Conference 2020 (IAWS), held at the National Law University (NLUD), Delhi from 28-30 January, 2020.

The panel on Violence and the Political Economy of Work focused on identifying and unravelling of the political economy of production-patriarchy interdependency, and the interlinkages between the continuum of work and the continuum of violence. The panelists talked on the multiple strands of work and violence woven together based on ground realities and linkages to economic policies. The interconnectedness of the domain was explored to develop a nuanced critique of the political economy of work and to give directions for future strategy. The panel addressed topics around:

  • Defining work and worker;
  • Forms of violence in the context of a continuum;
  • Category of work that gets incentivised and/or dis-incentivised;
  • Types of roles and labour relations that get reinforced in the worlds of work;
  • Where are the single women and transgender?
  • Marginalisation of work and what makes work unacceptable?


  1. Ritu Dewan, IAWS, ISLE, IHD AND FPC
  2. Kalpana Viswanath, Jagori/Safetypin
  3. Sona Mitra, IWWAGE-Krea University and FPC
  4. Rakhi Sehgal, Gurgaon Shramik Kendra

Moderator: Subhalakshmi Nandi, Feminist Policy Collective (FPC)

Discussant: Chirashree Das Gupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University

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