Areas of Work

We generate high-quality research and engage with relevant stakeholders to convert evidence into policy through a well-formulated advocacy strategy.
We collaborate with leading academicians, policy-makers, economists, development specialists, civil society organizations, and industry experts on research and policy design, implementation, data analysis, evaluation, and dissemination.

Our Core

Areas of Work


Lead and support research and analysis geared towards systematically improving women’s economic empowerment outcomes.


Engage and collaborate with policy-makers, advocates, champions, and influencers, who are actively involved in accelerating women’s involvement in the Indian economy.


Develop proof-of-concept by testing
gender-transformative interventions with policy and scale-up potential, especially with regard to the women’s empowerment collectives, and strengthening women’s digital capacity for information sharing, skilling, and communication.

IWWAGE Approach


IWWAGE has partnered with leading research institutes and experienced professionals in the areas of research, evidence generation to influence policies that impact lives of women and girls.

ISI Delhi Center and IWWAGE work together on the following projects:

Modelling of Women’s Labor Supply Decisions in a Life Cycle Framework

Female Employment, Soil Endowment, and Agricultural Technology

Enabling Access to Work Opportunities for Women in Manufacturing

Nudging Households to Increase the Usage of Clean Fuel

The overarching objective is to rigorously analyze the constraints that women face in engaging in remunerative economic activities —
primarily from the supply-side perspective — while also attempting to understand the demand-side factors that affect their economic