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Feminist Policy India

Transformative policy and financing for gender equality

The Feminist Policy Collective (FPC) was formally set up in February 2019, following a national consultation co-organised by National Foundation for India (NFI), OXFAM, UN Women, IWWAGE-LEAD at Krea University, and Society for Health Alternatives (SAHAJ) with the support of a core group of feminists. The FPC membership was largely associational in nature. This group had been working together as a collective since June 2018, and organised a consultation in February 2019 to discuss ways of transforming the gender responsive budgeting framework and make a difference in the way policy and finance could change gender relations. This effort brought the group together, and helped establish the FPC.

IWWAGE has been a co-secretariat for the FPC and IWWAGE representative is also one of the
co-conveners of the collective.
Vision and Mission

Feminist Policy Collective’s vision is of transforming the policy and financing agenda to achieve women’s rights and gender equality. It seeks to achieve this through its mission of:

  • Establishing platforms for dialogue and learning to strengthen linkages between activism, advocacy, administration and academia to influence local, national and global policymaking priorities;
  • Creating knowledge for informing policy formulation, implementation and monitoring, centring women’s voices from the ground;
  • Taking forward key policy recommendations with the State for advancing women’s constitutional rights in the context of the above;
  • Building partnerships with like-minded organisations and networks, including with International and UN Agencies.