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      Resources on COVID-19

      Articles and Blogs

      Laying bare the social and economic fault lines: India’s COVID-19 experience,East Asia Forum.

      Reset rural job policies, recognise women’s work; The Hindu

      A Gender-responsive Policy and Fiscal Response to the Pandemic, Economic & Political Weekly

      Women’s Employment Amid a Pandemic: What are we Missing? NewsClick

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      Lack of social security for women in informal economy needs to be addressed, The Indian Express

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      Why Covid-19 is different for men and women, BBC

      Put women and girls at the centre of efforts to recover from COVID-19“, UN.org

      Covid-19: How India can ensure that women in the informal sector get the protection they deserve, Scroll

      Why the economic devastation caused by Covid will hit women workers hardest, Business Line

      India’s COVID–19 Gender Blind Spot, The Diplomat

      Covid-19: Why are Women More Vulnerable To Mental Health Issues? Feminism in India

      COVID-19 and the impact on women, IGC Blogs

      COVID-19 could lead to millions of unintended pregnancies, new UN-backed data reveals, UN News

      COVID-19 isn’t an excuse to backslide on gender equality, FastCompany

      India’s Lockdown Is Blind to the Woes of Its Women

      Why Covid-19 is different for men and women, BBC

      Why Is COVID-19 Striking Men Harder Than Women?, Time

      #MeToo in the age of coronavirus, Mint

      Gender implications of Covid-19, Development and Cooperation

      COVID-19 and lockdowns: Are women more affected?, UNU Wider/Blog

      Protecting women is missing from pandemic management measures in India, Quartz India

      Breakingviews – Guest view: Can we achieve gender equality? Reuters

      COVID the gendered impacts of the outbreak, The Lancet

      Violence against women and girls: the shadow pandemic, UN Women

      Women and COVID-19: Five things governments can do now, UN Women

      Gender Equality: Why it Matters, Especially in a time of crisis, The World Bank

      The blindspot in our response to COVID-19, IDR

      Why we need women’s leadership in the COVID-19 response, World Economic Forum

      The coronavirus fallout may be worse for women than men. Here’s why, World Economic Forum

      A Gender lens on COVID-19: Pandemics and violence against women and children, Center for Global Development

      Playing the long game: How a gender lens can mitigate harm caused by pandemics, Center for Global Development

      How will COVID-19 affect women and girls in low- and middle-income countries? Center for Global Development

      Gender and the Coronavirus Outbreak, Think Global Health

      The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism: Pandemics affect men and women differently, The Atlantic

      Why gender matters in the impact and recovery from Covid-19, The Interpreter published by Lowy Institute

      COVID-19 is not gender neutral, Broadagenda Blog

      Briefing: Covid-19 – Gender and other Equality Issues, Women’s Budget Group

      Coronavirus: A Look at Gender Differences in Awareness and Actions, KFF

      COVID-19: Can A Health Crisis Become A Breeding Site For Gender Inequality?

      A gender perspective: COVID and Public spaces, Linkedin

      Gender “Could be Coronavirus Key”, Inter Press Service

      Gender blind’ coronavirus policies could hinder disease fight , Scidev

      COVID-19 crisis response must address gender faultlines, Behind the numbers

      UN Chief seeks gender responsive strategies on Covid-19, Daily Nation

      In Focus: Gender equality matters in COVID-19 response, UN Women

      COVID-19: Women front and centre, UN Women

      Women and COVID-19: Five things governments can do now, UN Women

      Paying attention to women’s needs and leadership will strengthen COVID-19 response, UN Women

      Pandemics Are Not Gender-Neutral, Gender Analysis Can Improve Response To Disease Outbreaks, UNIDIR

      Coronavirus: Five ways virus upheaval is hitting women in Asia, BBC

      Why Women May Face a Greater Risk of Catching Coronavirus, New York Times

      Why the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Hit Women Hardest, TIME

      Ideas for a Pro-Poor and Pro-Women Approach to COVID-19, Oxfam

      Women Are Bearing the Brunt of Coronavirus Disruption, Bloomberg Businessweek

      As pandemic rages, women and girls face intensified risks, UNFPA

      Why women will be hardest hit by a coronavirus-driven recession, Fast Company

       Why COVID-19 Response Efforts Need to Consider That Pandemics Hit Women and Girls the Hardest, Global Citizen

      Coronavirus puts women in the frontline, European Institute of Gender Equality

      How Will COVID-19 Affect Women and Girls in Low- and Middle-Income Countries?, Center for Global Development

      Elevating women in the age of coronavirus, Apolitical

      From nannies to helpers, coronavirus spotlights Asia women’s job insecurity, Thomson Reuters Foundation

      Gender economist Katica Roy: If we don’t act fast, women will bear the brunt of the financial crisis caused by coronavirus, NBC News

      Women’s domestic burden just got heavier with the coronavirus, The Guardian

      COVID-19 demands that we pay attention to who does the care work – and how we support them, Promundo Global

      COVID-19 self-isolation a good time for couples to fix housework gender divide, experts say, ABC News

      PES Women: Women are on the front line of the corona-crisis, yet gender-issues are being ignored, PES

      Needs of female medical workers overlooked in coronavirus fights, advocates say, Inkstonenews

      The COVID-19 Outbreak: Potential Fallout for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Guttmacher

      The babies keep coming”: What the coronavirus pandemic means for people giving birth, Vox

      COVID-19 and abortion care: why we need remote access to reproductive health services, International Women’s Health Coalition

      In the race for coronavirus vaccines, don’t leave pregnant women behind, STAT Reports

      What are the risks of COVID-19 infection in pregnant women? The Lancet

      Novel Coronavirus “COVID-19”: Special Considerations for Pregnant Women, KFF

      The Anxiety of Being Pregnant During the Coronavirus Pandemic, The Wall Street Journal