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Accelerating Women’s Access to Entitlements through Digital Solutions

February, 2021

Digital innovation presents exciting opportunities for women who are part of collectives or Self Help Groups (SHGs). Technology can be used to link women within SHGs to each other and other existing l networks, and layer other services and use cases to promote their social and economic empowerment.  More specifically, SHGs can use digital platforms to request and receive information and services, so as to enable their members access these services. Moreover, innovative digital solutions can address mobility, cost and literacy barriers and significantly increase the penetration of these benefits. Haqdarshak is an innovative mobile application developed by Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Private Ltd (HESPL), in collaboration with Save the Children and Nokia.  The app provides a ready reference of more than 200 central and state government welfare schemes and programmes, and the benefits promised, eligibility criteria, documents required, and application process for each. The brief brings a snapshot of the model.


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